Can I Work For A Competitor? Here’s Everything To Consider

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if my wife works for a competitor, is that a conflict of interest?

I’m wondering, though, what to do in interview situations. Do companies I interview with have a right to know that my spouse works for one of their competitors? Do they have the right to reject my application on this basis alone? And, in any case, should I mention my wife’s line of work in interview situations? There’s a relatively simple way to deal with competitive conflicts of interest. It’s a lot like staying in contact with a downsized co-worker.

Dating Someone You Work With

This option will be the only solution if a transfer isn’t possible (like in cases where there’s no position relevant to your own in another department). HR won’t have a say in who will eventually quit, make this decision between yourselves. Managers who are from the level of and above are also forbidden from dating anyone who is below the same level, even if they’re in another department. Keep your personal issues and discussions out of the workplace.

It seems to me that if it’s an issue the firm would make it known and allow the perspective employee a chance to come clean. OP ~ jmho There’s no good time , for the interviewee to disclose they know, slept with, bred or wed someone working for the competition. The interview is about what you bring to the job, not who you know, or where they work. A manager supervises an employee whose family employs the manager’s wife. Be it with kin or cohabitant, rival employment is challenging.

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Find ways in which you can relate to each other and make a connection. This will also give you an idea as to how busy your date really is and how open he or she really is to a relationship should the feelings develop. Most people who care about their success in life are competitive. In fact, lot of things we do are competitive in some way. Meeting women may also be a competitive sport for you, whether you’re aware of this or not.


We strive to eventually have every article on the site fact checked. Dating apps are just a symptom, but the reality is that we told young women that they could have their cake and eat it too and now they’re all fat and single and in their mid thirties. One-quarter of men and 42% of women were contacted on a dating site or app in a way that made them uncomfortable, with 20% of men and 32% of women receiving unwanted inappropriate pictures. Almost half of users said it was somewhat easy to find matches who shared their hobbies or interests, while only 6% reported that it was very difficult. Three-quarters of women think it’s important to list the type of relationship you’re looking for.

You mustn’t badmouth your former partner, sabotage their work or reveal any intimate details. All these break our code of conduct about respect in the workplace and you will face disciplinary action. If your former partner behaves this way, report them to HR and we will investigate as soon as possible. Collaborating with competitors also opens up new opportunities for marketing. Whether you’re looking to co-host an event at a tradeshow or work together on a co-branded webinar, there’s power in increasing your brand awareness. Your competitors have likely tapped a demographic or a use case you haven’t, bringing you a new audience.

By being yourself and working hard, you will find that people will realize your value, despite the fact that someone is always trying to look better than you. Additionally, building networks helps the whole environment, making it more cooperative and team-focused. Further, when Jeannie stated clearly that her dating was not your business, you instituted monitoring and involved others. Jeannie can make a strong case that this unusual and close scrutiny constituted retaliation against her because she protested when you discussed her personal life. The first problem is that Oregon law protects spouses who work for the same employer. So long as the spouses don’t supervise one another, a «no dating» policy enforced against spouses would violate this law.

When new people arrive on the job, make sure you go over and introduce yourself. You can take it even further by introducing that person around to other people in your department. That way, the person already starts to get to know people and doing so promotes good working relationships.

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