Dating An Older Man: Pros, Cons, + Advice For The Modern Woman

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Stephanie Relationships with much older men can work. She has to be very settled or else he needs to be outgoing. However with me, I prefer someone within the 10 year span.

Shocking Red Flags When Dating An Older Man

” – this is definitely one of the questions to ask an older man you are dating. Yes, I get that most couples don’t want to touch that question with a 10-foot pole for as long as they can avoid it. But in your case, putting it off may not be in your best interest as a couple. So while that older guy may no longer do much of those things, they may have health issues from years of it.

They want a woman who shares a similar interest with them and has a sensible dress sense. Dating a man like this can be quite challenging if your values do not align. By the time you settle down together, he’ll have amassed a bunch more life experiences than you (he’s had like 20 extra years). Your life will end up being smaller in comparison since your shared years will make up far more of your total life experience than his.

Guys your own age haven’t had a ton of life experience. If you often find yourself wondering why the guys you date just want to go out and party all the time, dating an older man might be for you. If you get called an “old soul” a lot, you’d probably have a lot in common with someone a little older.

Pro: They’re usually financially stable.

Ask him what he likes about home ownership, for example. If there’s one thing adults of all ages can agree on, it’s that there’s nothing more irritating than a younger person who thinks they know better. While you don’t have to agree with everything he says, don’t contradict him constantly. Some people worry about growing «out of touch» with current ways of thinking as they get older.

So, I wanted to provide you with a video and article to help you navigate the world of getting to know a man who has experience in a long-term relationship…but who also may have his own baggage. The old rule of dividing your age by 2 and adding 7 years to determining the minimum ideal age of your partner is not the only metric to decide on the best age gap. When you are getting involved with a younger guy, note both the cons of dating and the perks that come along with it before the relationship evolves into marriage.

Instincts and culture may also play an important part. If you’re unsure where to start, a relationship counselor can help you and your partner identify areas of concern and possible solutions. Juliano recommends open communication about big life questions, right from the start. Experts cite communication as critical for the success of relationships between older men and younger women.

Con: You might have to deal with criticism.

There is much that makes the idea of dating an older man irresistible. Gee, I’m feeling a little weak in the knees even as I write this. Probably because images of George Clooney and Hugh Grant are swarming my mind. We hear the tales of wonderful and magical love stories of soulmates all the time. But contrary to popular belief, bad things can also happen in a soulmate relationship in real life. I will also say that while we did kiss and got affectionate quite a bit that night, we did not have sex that night.

It’s a common misconception among young women that marriages with an older man are transactional. It is prominent because younger women are often attracted to women with more economic and social power than their senior partners. While it may be more acceptable today, many people still view age-gap relationships as taboo.

Yea, she doesn’t always get my 80’s pop-culture references and I don’t always get her 90’s hip-hop references, but we “get” each other on the stuff that really matters. But, generally speaking, older people are less likely to use social media. And of those who do, they are less apt to post as often, and some may just outright not totally understand the platforms. If he’s really not into clubbing, you can always call your girlfriends and make it a girls’ night out. They may even be patronizing to a young woman because they think they always know better. They sometimes are not even willing to try to see things from a different perspective, which nobody finds attractive.

An older man may have started his own company, had kids, divorced, been around the world and joined and left two religions, or even toyed with joining a cult at one time. No matter how false this is, keep in mind that people’s perception of it could really start to grate on both your nerves. If you’re done with unsatisfying dating, empty hookups, frustrating relationships and having your hopes dashed over and over, then this is a message you need to hear. We fall in love with an ideal version of someone instead of the real person. There are various older man younger woman relationship issues you need to know about in order to head into this kind of relationship with confidence and hope of success. On a related note, another of the older man younger woman relationship issues you need to know about is clashes over relationship pasts.

Experts have a range of suggestions for this, including social expectations, genes, and resource management. There is no perfect answer, just like there is no perfect age. People tend to assume that being older equates to having more money. Older people seem to emit a halo of joy that’s difficult not to get drawn into. Perhaps younger women and older men go well together because of the roles we play according to society’s rules. After all, most of us live in a patriarchal culture that primes us to believe that men are the providers.

Depending on how the marriage ended, he may be carrying emotional weight. Try to respect his sensitivities and offer help where you’re comfortable and when you feel it’s appropriate. Certain things can only be worked through with a professional.

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