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I think everyone, at some point, heard about the relationship between Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson, and for good reason, as they made headlines across every single news organization. According to Complex (via Us Weekly) the pair dated in 2015, before they called it quits at some point in 2016. After that, Davidson was spotted with his next love interest not that long after. Starting off the list, we take a look at Carly Aquilino and Pete Davidson, who actually began dating way back in 2015, almost eight years ago. Aquilino is actually also a comedian, like Davidson, as well as an actress, and is mainly known for her role in the comedy series, Girl Code.

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Following public appearances, song features, and a surprise engagement, Reality Titbit looks back at what happened between Pete and Ariana. Pete went on to express distaste about Ariana venting about their relationship in her music, despite the fact that he joked about her many times at his private comedy shows. One of the jokes including that Ariana “painted herself brown” which is ironic since he’s now dating Kim Kardashian who is also very notorious for making her skin way too many shades darker. So when Ariana and Pete first began dating there were many people enraged by how the couple came to be, since many people were fond of Ariana’s relationship with the late Mac Miller. When Pete Davidson wiped his Instagram account Monday — deleting ALL traces of his beloved fiancé — the Internet started freaking out.

«Looking for a roommate?» He also admitted that he wasn’t exactly happy to be at the event. In an Instagram story shared by his friend Ricky Velez, Pete is seen holding a baby. While the baby is cute and all, our eyes went directly to the giant arrow on his left hand. Later, when fans were obviously surprised by this sad news, Ariana backtracked…kind of. A fan sent her a screenshot of the post and Ari revealed that he blocked her.

A few hours before Grande performed in Brooklyn, fans caught a glimpse of her new dainty tattoo, which rests on her left ring finger — just an inch or so away from her engagement ring. Although the photos aren’t perfectly clear, it appears to say «pete.» As reported by the Mirror, Davidson performed stand-up step2love com prices comedy at California’s Laugh Factory in 2017, a few months after a bombing took place at Grande’s concert, killing 22 people and left other fans injured. The couple reportedly told people they were engaged that Saturday (June 9, 2018), when they attended Robert Pattinson’s birthday party in Los Angeles.

He cheekily captioned the photo, «the chamber of secrets has been opened.» On May 18, 2018, Davidson’s tattoo artist, Jon Mesa, posted a before-and-after photo of Davidson’s cover-up sleeve. They quickly noticed that she had gotten a matching tattoo on her finger.

The comedian and the model were reportedly seen together in New York City by celebrity gossip Instagram account Deux Moi, and in November 2022, a source close to Davidson told PEOPLE that the two were «seeing each other.» From his summer relationship with actress Phoebe Dynevor to his engagement to Ariana Grande, here is a complete breakdown of Pete Davidson’s dating history. In March 2023, Davidson opened up about his dating life on the Real Ones podcast. He shared that he felt like a «f—ing loser» when SNL started making jokes about his romantic relationships.


The «Dance To This» songstress responded to multiple fans reacting to her engagement. In one particularly revealing tweet, Grande wrote that Davidson «has been briefed» on the implications of their future marriage (specifically that he would be «marrying us as well,» as written by an excited fan). Davidson — who has a number of interesting tattoos, including a portrait of Hillary Clinton on his leg and «a bunch of Harry Potter crap» on his arm — inked multiple tributes to David while the two were dating. Most notably, in an October 2016 interview with Complex, Davidson revealed an arm tattoo of a self-portrait David drew when she was a child.

May 3, 2018: Davidson’s then-girlfriend posted the final photo of the couple together.

A video showing her kissing an unknown was published by TMZ in February and it was confirmed to be Dalton later. She shocked fans with the upload as it hasn’t been that long since they began dating and her last five month relationship with Pete Davidson ended after becoming engaged. The former couple was also snapped getting cozy outside of a Los Angeles recording studio. He later revealed that he had asked the pop singer to marry him the day he met her and they began choosing rings immediately. The couple are now reportedly acknowledging that it was ‘not the right time’ for their whirlwind romance to take off and have parted ways amicably. “pete davidson prolly somewhere smiling hard as f–k right now,” another wrote.

Which, after a few short hours in the dark, prompted the comedian to return to the platform to clear up a few things. Davidson shows his love for Grande in a permanent way, getting two Grande themed tattoos; one referencing her Dangerous Woman bunny ears and the other showcasing the singer’s initials “AG”. Davidson’s tattoo artist, London Reese, says “Pete loves him some Ariana” on his Instagram story. At the end of January, they ditched the wintery NYC weather for a holiday in Hawaii.

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Pete decided to take a break from showing Ariana’s comment section some love and showed his love for the singer in a very permanent way. In the beginning of June, Pete got two Ariana Grande-inspired tattoos— one inspired by her Dangerous Woman bunny ears and another one that shows the singer’s initials «AG» written on his thumb. It takes a few years, and a highly publicized breakup on the pop star’s part, but the intrigue truly begins when Grande is photographed at a Saturday Night Live after party with the exact same cloud-shaped phone case as Davidson. ‘Cause we were only together for a few months — she’d even tell you this. I was like, ‘Listen, I get it, do whatever you gotta do, I’ll be here.’ I think I said, ‘I’ll be here until you don’t want me to be here,’” Pete recalled to Charlamagne tha God during a February 2020 interview. And for some reason, that’s very crazy and interesting to people.

«It’s like, we have six bean bags, but we have no forks — you know what I mean?» he continued. «From what I know of her, he seems like exactly a good person for her,» McCurdy said. «I’m super proud of her and excited for her. I hope that she’s super happy.» For the third video in a series of Davidson screaming, she wrote, «when i get on top» — and quickly deleted it.

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