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When an RPG has a great romance, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s in the player’s hands. Trails In The Sky is one such game, where players embark on an adventure with an inevitable pairing. In Trails In The Sky, players will see Estelle Bright and her adopted brother Joshua as they travel around the country of Liberl. Their original journey will have them complete their training as Bracers, a multinational organization tasked to protect civilians. However, their adventure will have them involved in a coup that seeks to overthrow the current monarchy. Thus begins a hilarious yet captivating story of how Meis saves the world while finding his true love.

Come on you knew we had to put this game on here since it just came out in 2019 and chances are if you’re just getting into dating simulators you might have missed the game launch. KFC was putting out quite a few unique marketing attempts to get people into their chain restaurant with this dating simulator being quite unusual. Another visual novel you might find of interest is Everlasting Summer.

Lucy The Eternity She Wished For is a visual novel that follows a boy during a futuristic world setting. Hunks of android metal have become the norm in civilization which has helped make the lives of humans a bit easier. While these androids are just barren with no personality, our protagonist happens to stumble upon an android, not like the others at a dumpsite. This android expresses emotions and dreams leaving our protagonist in awe. It’s a relatively short journey of just a few hours so we’ll avoid going any further into the narrative.

That doesn’t mean it’s bad, on the contrary, Fureraba shines because of the patently ridiculous humor that’s prevalent all the way through the narrative. Like a number of the games depicted on this list, there’s a potential NSFW content warning attached to Fureraba, but that’s eroge for you. Yes, that means anyone who plays it is basically playing a literal manga, but the quality of writing is engaging enough to keep you invested. Highway Blossoms also comes with a NSFW warning, as the characters involved are adults and do adult things.

RPGs With The Best Romances, Ranked

In Grandia 2, players take on the role of the mercenary named Ryudo. His primary mission is to protect Elena, a songstress from the church. In their journey, Ryudo and the player learn about how the Church of Granas guided humanity to survival after a cataclysmic battle between the God of Light Granas and the God of Darkness Valmar. However, Ryudo and Elena will soon learn that things aren’t always how they seem. Unlike other JRPGs, Grandia 2 doesn’t force its romance onto players and it doesn’t have a huge bearing on the story. However, it’s delightful to learn how overcoming trials can solidify one’s budding relationship.

Image via PolarBearSimsThe Sims 4 allows ghosts to enter romantic relationships with living Sims, but it sadly doesn’t let spirits experience the joy of parenthood. This mod allows female ghosts to become pregnant or male ghosts to either impregnate living or dead female characters. After the appropriate amount of time, a living baby will be born, so you don’t need to worry about ghost babies haunting your dreams. Fans of military RPGs would appreciate Three Houses for its unique blend of tactics and social relationships.

Pokemon Go: Catch Mastery Event Guide

You have to try your hardest if you want to score a date, and even then there’s a high chance of rejection. As dating sims are usually single player only, one of Monster Prom’s best features is the multiplayer option. Arcade Spirits is a fun romantic comedy that serves as a love letter to all things video games, and it’s sure to leave players grinning from beginning to end. Fans will already love Original Sin 2 for its in-depth dialogue and storytelling. However, fans will also appreciate Original Sin 2 for slowly forming romances between characters that interact with each other. While the game only has one canon love story, the potential developments between other characters can make for memorable tales in every playthrough.

Fans of the horror genre will have plenty to enjoy here, with a game that offers plenty to sink your teeth into. There are some deep-cut references to Dead by Daylight, but also some genuinely sweet moments search advanced search mixed in. We’re all a little too addicted to our phones these days, but this game takes that to another level. Sign up to get the best content of the week, and great gaming deals, as picked by the editors.

The Sims Have Always Been At The Mercy Of The Player

When she isn’t working on her gaming-themed topics she has just enough free time to play Dragon Age Inquisition for the hundredth time. However, when entering the house, they discover five men injured on the ground, these men turn out to be Incubi, male lust demons from hell. The men aren’t the only romance options available to them but also three women options alongside an interesting story with a variety of endings to achieve. This time as the name suggests the player and possibly their friends will be going on an epic road trip. There is some hidden lore in the story, and after dating them, the player will be able to understand the hidden stories of each of the character. This is a Speed Dating simulator, the player can play as «me» in the game and having dates with more than 7 characters.

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Getting to the rewarding scenes of the dating sim requires actual homework in Japanese, but at least you’ll feel like you truly earned it. Nameless is a dating sim from Cheritz, the same company behind the dating sim mobile game, Mystic Messenger. You play as Eri, who lives alone after her grandpa dies and while her parents are working overseas.

As with standard dating sims, players can develop relationships with a huge cast of NPCs. However, as their relationship grows deeper with a character, players also participate in exclusive side stories related to said character. Each NPC has a unique storyline that adds depth to the colorful town of Stardew Valley, and it makes the player’s stay feel more alive compared to just being inside a sim. Huniepop is one of the games you’ll see pop up quite a bit in recommendation lists and even on Steam for dating simulation games. This is a title that’s part dating sim and part puzzle game. Players follow a protagonist that fails to pick up a girl named Kyu.

One of the most interesting Otome games released this year isCupid Parasite,which is one of the latest games from Otomate and Idea Factory. After decades, Dating Sims have remained a popular genre with plenty of great examples being released each year. In 2021 there were some incredible titles that were absolutely worth fans of the genre taking a look at. You play a crossdressing lesbian on a cruise ship that must narrowly escape social manipulation and getting tied up in a sexy way, all to win back your motorcycle.

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